Building one’s professional life project in high school with the E-Portfolio: between self-reflection and dialogue


The formulation of the professional life project makes a fundamental contribution to the formation of young people’s identity, since it implies a constant confrontation between the realism of the world of work and the image that young people have of themselves. The most recent Guidelines for guidance (MIM, 2022), attach particular importance to the E-Portfolio as a guidance tool that promotes the student’s educational-professional choices after leaving school. Possible ways in which the use of the E-Portfolio promotes the student's awareness and control of the learning process through the documentation of his or her experiences, interests, competences and educational goals, as well as an in-depth reflection on his or her future work, are shown. Finally, the E-Portfolio is presented as a useful “empirical basis” for conducting the guidance interview repeatedly, understood as a dialogical space in which the tutor-teacher can activate an effective communication dynamic with students and their parents.