Could equity be the equation to prevent early school leaving and educational disadvantage? Finland's answer


Nearing the end of the Europe 2020 Strategy (EC, 2010) the essay aims to explore, through a meta-analysis and critical reflection, equity as one of the forms of prevention adopted by the Finnish school system, among the best in the world in terms of outcomes, participation and teachers training system (OECD, 2000; 2016; 2019ab). The problem of young people dropping out of school can be stemmed through, for example, individualized and inclusive paths for those at risk of educational poverty, making sure that the school does not dissipate the available resources (Sahlberg 2015; Pandolfi, 2017). Falling behind and not acquiring key skills in a knowledge economy based on Lifelong Learning is a risk, in fact the education system must guarantee equal access, participation and possibility of success for everyone (INVALSI, 2019; Save the Children, 2017; Milani, 1967; Benvenuto, 2011; Alivernini et alii, 2017).