Digital technologies for a multidirectional evaluation strategy


The contribution analyses evaluation methodologies and innovative measurement tools, used in the academic field with the support of digital tools for teaching and classifiable under the name of e-learning. The use of digital technologies in evaluation processes allows us to analyse not only unidirectional (teacher-student) or bidirectional (teacher-student-teacher) processes, but also multidirectional (teacher-student-environment). The concomitance of the three different evaluation processes (mono, bidirectional and multidirectional) favours the constructive action that Scriven attributes to formative evaluation (Tessaro, 1997, p.72); that is, aimed at satisfying the needs of consumers for a constant improvement of the training process. A multidirectional action which therefore includes the delivery environment as an actor in the evaluative-constructive process. The contribution therefore intends to demonstrate how the constructive function of evaluation perceived by Scriven can today be enhanced using innovative technological tools for teaching and learning.