Digital transition: an online survey to assess the impacts of technology on workers' health and safety

One of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda is to promote lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in which digital technology is an essential driver to ensure the active participation of the entire population and to support structural and organisational change. With the digital transformation, the paradigms that have previously characterised the world of work are changing, and consequently the way in which health and safety at work is managed too. For this reason, an online survey was conducted to assess workers' perceptions of occupational health and safety protection in contexts subject to digital transformation. The areas investigated included work organisation and management, regulatory and protective aspects, and training and skills development. The survey involved 300 participants (63% women and 37% men), equally distributed between the public and private sectors. The study shows that digital training and support to the use of technology are essential measures for the adequate management of new occupational health and safety risks in the digital transition process.