For a practical epistemology of inclusive design at university. A systematic literature review


The contribution offers a systematic review of national and international scientific contributions published from 2010 to 2024 that examines support devices for facilitating the learning of students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders (DSA). In constructing the methodological framework, we followed the procedures of another national research conducted on the topic, such as that of Damiani (2017), Cardano, Cioffi & Scavarda (2021), Borgonovi et al. (2021), d’Alonzo (2022). Research questions are: How can we build flexible instructional designs that support the learning of university students with learning disorders and disabilities? Which organizational and didactic strategies are promising to develop for students’ agentic involvement (Reeve, & Shin, 2020)? The results encourage reflections on practices and policies for the inclusion of students with disabilities and DSA and produce operational indications for rethinking how and under what conditions expanded academic communities (composed of university delegates, departmental referents, disability office staff, tutors, lecturers, students, families, and local authorities) can design transformative trajectories.