Gender differences in educational processes


The Italian educational system since the seventies became a women's world, both for the massive presence of girls in all levels of schooling, both for a teaching staff composed mainly of women, so that in some scope men have become one real “rarity”. The feminine school and university education invites us to think about the consequences of the logic of gender culture. And it is in this perspective that we can highlight the inadequacy of the training of future teachers, who for different reasons continues to play both occupational segregation, given the absence of men in education, for both the maternal love rhetoric seconds where you become teachers and educators as a professional vocation. In this context it is clear that the school and not only continues to transfer, through the study of the humanities the idea of ​​a world by men and women remains the task of dealing scope of care and of life from birth to death. A content taken and shared by all, men and women, who continue to perpetrate it without questioning it, as they are the same women communicate it, so now consider it a given indisputable, which is part of the “natural” way of thinking of the people.