How to monitor the formative needs of CdL’s trainees in Primary Education Science through Learning Analytics


The study presents a research aimed at monitoring and analysing, through Learning Analytics (LA), the main actions that students / trainees undertake online to reflect and respond to different training needs. The analysis, which emerged from a careful and systematic reading of the data, provided many information not just on the personal data of the students from their previous training, but also their work experiences, as well as on the interactions between student and computer system: frequency of interventions in the forums, reading of materials, reading of normative references, readings for further information, communications for seminars, participation in the expansion of the training offer and percentage of completion of educational activities. The information has initiated a representation of the training needs to be referred to, improves the quality of the university and of the teaching offer for the direct training at school to re-design enhancement paths that promote the development of the professional enrichment for future teachers. The data obtained, showed that the trainees’ daily use of educational technologies, their different online participation and professional networks, can become precious to support reciprocal exchange relationships between school tutors, university students and trainees.