"Active citizenship" workshops: urban, creative and participatory redevelopment


The introduction of transversal teaching of civic education in schools has the purpose of preparing the new generations to insert themselves in the social context in an active and productive way. The city is not just a place to live but a pedagogical object, a laboratory space, a context of dialogue between inside and outside the school. The city offers opportunities for cognitive, affective, social and cultural experiences through a "pedagogical approach which is based on real-life contexts teachings” (Bielli, Giunti, Lotti, Mazza, Orlandini, 2022, p.123). The city represents a flexible space for learning (Tosi, 2019), and a laboratory space for urban and cultural regeneration. The contribution describes the didactic experience carried out in the laboratories of "Urban, creative and participatory redevelopment" in a secondary school together with the neighborhood's inhabitants.