IEP in the High School: sharing and principle of self determination


The recent debate regarding the new IEP model based on ICF and on Tar sentence n. 975/21 has opened new perspectives for the research highlighting the need to rediscuss and modular again the documentation and inclusive processes regarding the scholastic environment. The purpose of the present essay is to understand in which way IEP document shared between different figures involved in to process of inclusion and to guarantee the student’s self-determination in its writing. The article describes the results of the standardized questionnaire administered to the curricular and support-teacher of upper secondary schools. The survey reveals multiple difficulties in sharing the IEP training objectives between class and support teachers but also between schools and health professionals. Although there is a shared willingness to work for the realization of a life project from the teachers' side, there are many difficulties in the elaboration of an IEP that responds to the principles provided for by Legislative Decree 66/2017.