Migration, society, and education: the case study of the former Officine Reggiane


This contribution explores the relationship between migration, marginalization, and educational planning within a migration reception program implemented in the city of Reggio Emilia. The project, in which one of the authors actively participates and which forms the basis of a seven-year thesis, focuses on the case of the former Officine Reggiane, an environment characterized by marginalization and deviance. A network of integrated professionals actively collaborates on this project, fostering significant reflection on the impact of migration phenomena in this specific context. The study commences by reconstructing the educational conditions within the context from the perspective of critical-structural pedagogy. It proposes an analysis of the intersection between colonialism, imperialism, and globalization. Subsequently, employing a structured qualitative examination through case analysis, the researchers delineate the fundamental characteristics of the research conducted at the former Officine Reggiane. Finally, the study discusses the emerging pedagogical themes and outlines potential avenues for development and intervention within the context.