Multidimensional Learning. The Space-Time of Didactics


Space and time of human sociality include that of the sociality required by formal and informal learning: it appears crucial to understand the ways in which technological tools, environments and devices allow the creation of relationships and communications capable of enriching the experience of simultaneous sharing of a space that is no longer merely a physical space. The online teaching experiences imposed by the coronavirus emergency (generally defined with the acronym DAD) were mostly unprecedented for most of the school community, even though people were immersed in the flow of network communications on a daily basis. This revealed a distance between the space-time of school-based teaching practices and that of out-of-school interactions. Transposing in the pedagogical field the concept of unified space-time can be useful to better understand the multidimensionality of digitally augmented contexts, starting from the analysis of some learning experiences that show a full integration of network logics in didactics.