Online self-narration. Analysis and reflections of a research on the support teacher’s profile

For several years teachers’ training has been the object of analysis and reflections by different scholars who question (us and) themselves on the meaning of doing school in our contemporary world (Bocci, 2018; Sibilio & Aiello, 2018; Baldacci, Nigris & Riva, 2020). In the area of teachers’ training, that relating to the specialization for educational support activities has increasingly become central in the works of Special Pedagogy scholars (as for instance, Canevaro & Ianes, 2019; Cottini, 2014) and in school policies (DM 30 settembre 2011 and followings). Starting from this theoretical framework and within a case study already started (Guerini, 2020a), a qualitative research was conducted with a group of students of the Training Course for Support Teaching (5th and 6th cycle) of the Roma Tre University. The research intends to start a reflection with the same students on the characteristics of the profile of the support teacher, identifying the strengths and the weaknesses of their personality. The use of digital technology (due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19) has certainly simplified the narration by the participants, who did not show embarrassment and/or fear of expressing themselves on the app used for the purpose.