Pedagogy and Neurosciences: the creative encounter between medicine and education

The collaboration between neuroscience and pedagogy is today more fundamental than ever to understand what happens at the neuronal level when the subject learns, builds and organizes his own knowledge to elaborate a creative response and identify a solution to a problem. The studies conducted by Goleman, Damasio, Rizzolatti in the field of neuroscience and cognitive sciences, on the other hand, have shown the existence of lively interconnections between perception, action, emotion and cognition that are activated in the processes of construction of knowledge (learning) and in the interaction with the world (individuals, communities, nature, culture) and the surrounding reality. In this perspective, the contribution intends to highlight how the enhancement of the creative dimension in pedagogical action can contribute to the strengthening of teaching and learning processes in which knowledge makes use of knowledge, experiences and combinations (1st level creativity) that they allow subjects to develop their own representation of the world (2nd level or transformative creativity).