Reinventing educational spaces: The museum as an educational resource


In museums, the stratification of the realities of life and its historical process are preserved and ask to be understood. Every research grows by chasing the traces of the past, becoming a story in which we bring down the lived experience of our young people, giving birth in them the need to preserve and pass on history. We have gone in search, together with school students, of these signs in the surrounding reality, learning to translate them into new educational spaces that document an anthropological and historical experience readable, teaching them how to build a story. It is through museum didactics that the youngest children are brought closer to the experience of matter - paintings, statues, finds - so that it can be translated into a narrative, appealing to their imaginative capacity. The museum itinerary goes beyond the mere knowledge of the works and artifacts, but is a relationship with the territory and with the cultural realities that grow and develop in it, meetings aimed at proposing a different way of learning.