Resilience and educational achievement to fight educational poverty


The theme of educational poverty is becoming increasingly central to the national and international scientific and pedagogical debate, but also to the public and political one. The concept is multidimensional and presents the characteristics of scale necessary to frame the complexity of social and educational situations related to inequalities and issues of equity, social justice and access to rights not relegated to the economic sphere alone. The contribution aims to initiate a critical reflection, with a reading also declined to the theme of resilience, to identify factors and dimensions and starts a first reconnaissance of what could be the elements to be considered in the study of the phenomenon of educational poverty and school dropout, in their theoretical aspects.

Guido Benvenuto, Alessandro Vaccarelli, Nicoletta Di Genova

  • Guido Benvenuto è professore ordinario; Alessandro Vaccarelli è professore associato; Nicoletta di Genova è dottoranda di ricerca
  • Univ. degli Studi "La Sapienza" di Roma; Università dell'Aquila