Rethinking schools with a view to change without losing sight of past examples: the importance of the book


The school in the third millennium was induced to reflect on the transformation of the entire school environment and on the change in teaching, when the traditional slate blackboard was replaced, replaced by the interactive multimedia one, the books on paper were integrated or replaced with versions of the same content, but in digital format. To all this was added distance teaching, teachers improvised as managers of learning objects and virtual classrooms. All this and much more tells us a history of the school completely transformed in the last year, giving us all a new universe of both school and teaching. What attitudes to have? The acceptance of new training requests or the total refusal? This contribution intends to rethink the school, the transformations of the school environment and the way of teaching through the multimedia stations, without forgetting the training of human resources, without forgetting the importance of the book, in the awareness however that content can be created absolutely interesting virtual ones. In this research, we report a summary of how it is possible to set up examples of virtual writing to be proposed in schools.