Revealing and countering violence and Hate Speech. Analysis and pedagogical perspectives from a university experience


The paper presents a workshop experience conducted at the University and aimed at deepening the analysis and perception of hate speech and violence. Hate speech often takes the form of manifestations directed towards more fragile individuals or entire social groups and conveyed through mainly digital media that are indiscriminately used by everyone. Starting from an interactive and participatory brainstorming session, we focused on the recurring words that lead back to the hate speech phenomenon. It was precisely the analysis of these words that provided the framework for exploratory research, as well as the connections to hate behavior and political and pedagogical responsibilities. Such a research developed through the administration of a questionnaire aimed at preventing the phenomenon of hate speech, violence and exclusion. The real target of the paper is to enlighten and present the first data that emerged from this exploratory research, whose goal is outlining pedagogical and educational perspectives addressed to countering these manifestations of hatred and violence.