Self-assessment on a digital platform for an effective Ongoing University Guidance


To reduce and prevent the risk of drop-out, we believe it is useful to set up specific Ongoing University Guidance interventions conducted on a digital platform and based on affective, cognitive and metacognitive self-assessment processes for integration into the university context, with timely feedback from return. Considering the evidence that emerged from the recent correlational study conducted by Biasi, De Vincenzo, Fagioli, Mosca and Patrizi (2019) on the factors of academic failure in 80 university students enrolled in the first academic year, not yet at risk of dropping out, who turned to the Ongoing University Guidance at the "Roma Tre" University (92% female; average age = 19 years, 8 months) and who completed a battery of self-report questionnaires using the Limesurvey online platform, it is noted that, by identifying the personal and contextual dysfunctional aspects, students can be helped to avoid developing the risk of dropping out of studies. For this purpose, some valid and reliable self-assessment tools have been found to be particularly effective, set up on a digital platform, which guarantees easy accessibility and allows the return of results - - as formative feedbacks also facilitated by artificial intelligence systems - by promoting the process of self-awareness and progressive empowerment.