Teachers’ Resilience Strategies during Lockdown Due to Covid-19


The lockdown due to Covid-19 required recourse to personal and community resilience. To investigate this ability, the RRC-ARM questionnaire (Resilience Research Center - Adult Resilience Measure) was administered to a sample of 455 adults. The questionnaire has been adapted to the Italian context and implemented with additional items. An open question has been added to investigate the resilience strategies. The research uses mixed methods of investigation: exploratory factorial analysis led to a four-factor structure (self-perception, family support, friendships, faith); the open question was analyzed through the construction of a posteriori categories. Results focuses resilience strategies implemented by those teachers who are part of the sample (136). In fact, resilient teachers, who build positive relationships with pupils, help them overcome conditions of social desease.

Sara Gabrielli, Cristiana De Santis

  • Dottorande in Psicologia Sociale, dello Sviluppo e Ricerca Educativa
  • Università La Sapienza di Roma
  • Dip. di Psicologia dei Processi di Sviluppo e Socializzazione