The promotion of reading at an early age in the family environment


Reading stories to preschool children in the family and offering them quality books lays a solid foundation for reading promotion. For this reason, the article aims to highlight  how the family can and should be the privileged place to learn and to refine the level of emotional literacy and the ability to cooperate. Promoting the pleasure of reading as if it were a legacy from father to son can indeed raise the level of literacy of the new generations. Family reading, often and early, therefore favors the growth of the emotional relationship between adult who reads and child who listens, the child's cognitive development, his curiosity, learning to read and his success in reading at school.

Emilio Greco, Sarah Gobbo Carrer, Fabrizio Cedrone

  • Emilio Greco è professore associato presso la Link Campus University di Roma; Sarah Gobbo Carrer è Educatrice Pedagogica; Fabrizio Cedrone è medico presso la Scuola di specializzazione in Igiene e Medicina Preventiva Università degli Studi di Chieti

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