Promote reading at an early age through dialogue reading


In the light of the situation of the Italians in the field of reading in the European scenario and of the national guidelines for the curriculum, the importance of the “reading aloud" is reflected and indications are given as to the most appropriate places and times to practice shared reading in the family and illustrating the effectiveness of the practice of reading dialogue on books with images only. Through this strategy, the adult, once the child has learned to make himself understood through words, making small syntheses or reworkings during the reading and also asking complex questions to the child and not of mere designation, proposes an exchange, an interaction with the child going to analyze his understanding while reading. This reading strategy stimulates the curiosity that, combined with the emotions felt, goes to generate interest, fundamental to reiterate the reading and stimulate the knowledge of the books on one's own.

Emilio Greco, Sarah Gobbo Carrer, Fabrizio Cedrone

  • Emilio Greco è professore associato presso la Link Campus University di Roma; Sarah Gobbo Carrer è Educatrice Pedagogica; Fabrizio Cedrone è medico presso la Scuola di specializzazione in Igiene e Medicina Preventiva Università degli Studi di Chieti

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