The role of the teacher in distance learning, between covid-19 emergency, new learning environments and opportunities for educational innovation


The paper examines the impact of web-mediated communication on teaching, with particular reference to the dematerialization of the learning environment. The educational environment is analyzed from the psycho-pedagogical point of view in its meaning of “place of training”, part of the didactic process and element capable of influencing the conduct of the subject who, in a given environment, living space or psychological field, lives, relates and interacts with others. The object of analysis are: the transformations of the “educational setting”, the web-mediated communication processes, the function of the environment in the learning processes, the role of the teacher in distance learning, with particular reference to the way of thinking, planning and realizing the educational offer and the pedagogical role of the two main educational agencies (school and family). The paper offers a few considerations for thought for the development of pedagogical models and effective teaching practices, useful for intercepting the change in progress.