Train newly hired teachers to assessment for learning with the authentic task


During the training workshops Assessment of learning organized by the scientific high school “E. Fermi” in Aversa (CE) for newly hired teachers and with transfer of role (a.s. 2022/2023), the paradigm shift was illustrated which, in recent decades, is transforming assessment in the classrooms, as in addition to the Assessment of Learning (AoL), a good teacher must know how to activate Assessment for Learning (AfL) and Assessment as Learning (AaL). The teachers, aware of their unpreparedness in this regard, ask to be trained in assessment, because they consider it a fundamental element for activating a “real” teaching of competences. In the twelve training workshops activated, the 370 teachers, of all levels, were guided in the planning of authentic task with the relative evaluation rubric and with the self-evaluation moment. Experimenting with a format for designing authentic task has allowed us to better define the tool, making changes and additions.