Competences assessment in the Training Path for the acquisition of 24 university training credits (PF24): exploratory research

The essay presents the first results of the research that investigated the variegated universe of competences possessed by “future teachers”, i.e. those enrolled in PF24, the Training Path for the acquisition of 24 credits in anthropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines, of the University of Naples Frederick II. To all enrolled in the PF24, of the a.y. 2021/2022, the compilation of a double competences assessment has been proposed: one to be completed “on entry” and one to be drawn up “on exit”, after having passed at least one exam, in order to activate a reflective process regarding skills related to the teacher figure. Through the competences assessment, future teachers reflected on some of the many skills related to teaching, activating a self-evaluation process that allowed them to identify strengths and weaknesses. The results of the competences assessment offer useful indications for re-planning future university pathways to access teaching, calibrating them on the real training needs of the enrolled students.