When I teach - Analysis of contextual variables that influence teaching


As part of a project on teacher professionalism, When I Teach questionnaire has been validated, aimed at exploring certain aspects of teaching and stimulating teachers and schools to reflect on them. The dimensions explored are Self-evaluation, Critical Awareness, Openness to Confrontation, Attention to Students, Passion for the Subject, Enhancing Experience, Reflection on Practice and Care of Practice. This paper presents an analysis of these dimensions in relation to background variables such as school grade, geographical area, teaching subject, age and years of experience. For each variable, a one-way Anova was performed on each dimension to identify statistically significant differences between group means. The results produce numerous insights for further research. Significant differences between school cycles are found for every dimension except Critical Awareness, almost always to the advantage of Primary school. As regards the geographical area, teachers from the south have a more positive perception of Attention to Students and Care of Practice than the ones from the north. Greater experience does not seem to have detectable variations.