Educating “social citizenship” to deal with the progress of new educational emergencies

The new educational emergencies, exacerbated by the pandemic situation, highlight the need for a pedagogy committed to building new possible paths of “social citizenship”, declined in its complexity and multidirectional: on the one hand as civicness, on the other as citizenship. The debate on citizenship and its educational dynamics is currently assuming a lively recovery and a renewed interest in Italy (L. 92/2019) due to a diversity of reasons, among which the rapid and intense changes that have occurred on a global geopolitical scale are of particular importance, in addition to the globalization process and the continuous and consistent migratory flows,  the crisis of ideologies, the addition of international relations, planetary interdependence and cultural pluralism to the national state. The task of the school, which is the responsibility of the teacher, focuses on the exercise of citizenship and the activities-relationships-social ties that it implies, rather than on the juridical-political aspect that is indicated in the identity documents and that is regulated by the laws.