The dialogicity of human thought as a constitutive element of the helping relationship


Caring and loving, in a dynamic of motivation and support aimed at the well-being of the person, are just some of the ingredients that in today’s time characterize the helping relationship. The school world, as the main and variable context, becomes a dialogical gymnasium that opens to new and interesting challenges for pedagogy: from the evolution of human thought - also in the light of the social and cultural transformations of our time -, to the symmetrical/asymmetrical perspective of the educational relationship, to the construct of reciprocity in interpersonal relationships. Starting afresh from the dialogical efficacy of human reflection, to arrive at the construction of a helping relationship that places the person and his or her evolutions at the center of the debate, represents one of the greatest urgencies for the educational sciences. This paper, through an empirical reflection on the dialogical characteristics of human thought, aims to analyze the deeper aspects of the helping educational relationship within the school context.