Education, person and complexity. Existence between resilience, empathy and holism


The contribution proposes a terminology and educational analysis of person, not as a biological being, but as a complex, emotional, happy, and resilient. So starting from the epistemological position of human beings, according to educational theories, the complexity of emotion and in synergy with the holistic research will show the possible developments. In the empirical analysis has become necessary to decompose, re-think, re-contextualise the person in a large, diverse social, cultural, perceptive. Then the characteristics of complex human being lie at the heart of the educational debate. Be positive is the leitmotiv for growing success, the outcome of the self, the overcoming of the difficulties, happiness. Much research by UNESCO, the OECD and those of OTAN are converging toward a common educational positivity objective of emotional understanding, meaningful success, the continuous increase of complexity in exist. These are the reasons that support a unique being's epistemology, not conditioned by equipment, but external conditioning, a uniform context, where the emergency emotional expression and creative feature and mark the location of the complex growth.