Learning outcomes and performance: the expected competences’ valuation


The concepts of learning outcomes and outcome-based education are relevant for qualification and quality system development. These notions have features in common with the instructional objective movement, very popular in the 1960s, but recently the focus of the scientific debate on education process has shifted, at least to some extent, from learning achievement considered as a product to expected learning conceived as outcome. The outcome-based evaluation procedure is a systematic approach for identifying learning outcome criteria and for comparing results with expected outcome learning. In this perspective one of the dimensions of competence evaluation is student achievement assessment, that is aimed to determine if expected learning outcomes were attained as intended. The main purpose of the proposed model is to use Anderson and Krathwohl 2000’s Taxonomy as guidance in the assessment test design. Based on this redefined Bloom’s taxonomy the proposed approach provides a process of identifying, classifying, and clearly communicating specific outcome indicators, that are subsequently used to evaluate learning outcomes.

Roberto Melchiori

  • Roberto Melchiori è professore straordinario a TD
  • Università degli Studi "Niccolò Cusano" di Roma

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