Pedagogy for Distance Teaching (DaD)


This contribution aims to highlight what kind of pedagogy the DaD is capable of conveying. Drawing lessons from the moment of crisis that the country is going through, we will focus on the policies and educational actions to be organized along theoretical lines in an interdisciplinary psychoanalytic, Marxist, constructivist and systemic perspective. The DaD will be declined on its impact in the different life and learning phases of the learner. This teaching articulated in multiple actions is attractive but sterile as some learning and development of AI. DaD could stand for Classroom Teaching as Artificial Intelligence is for Human Intelligence. Without a clear pedagogy line, the DaD risks impoverishing the declinations of being in training. On the other hand, supported by a solid theoretical contribution, it gives the opportunity to review the educational intervention by integrating new practices to the bases of knowledge that support the scientific method and the humanist approach.