Using Social Networks at school. A case study


With the advent of the web, the way we produce and manage knowledge has been profoundly changed. This technological development makes available ever more versatile instruments that are able to access and manage increasing quantities of diversified information. It is important to observe these new spaces of socialization in order to understand the way in which: new forms of sociability develop; different types of communities can interact within the new techno-social spaces and the incorporation process of new technologies in teaching and social practices in education. The essay focuses on the use of social network at school, with the intent of reconstructing the latest trends in the use of new and old mass-media methodologies applied to teaching, at the same time, observing the more interesting professional practices and experiences which emerge from the viewpoint of study and critical reflection.

Stefania Capogna

  • Professore associato. Docente di Comunicazione pubblica e d'impresa del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Tecnologie e Linguaggi della Comunicazione
  • Link Campus University di Roma

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