The Schools Organization between the territory and the value of network


Educational agencies are going through a difficult transition period, with important consequences in terms of de-legitimacy of the social mandate historically assigned to the school. The reason of this widespread uneaseness can be traced in the fact that today we live in a complex system where traditional school cannot live in an isolated way. The following contribution arises within this problematic framework with the aim of outlining the most important patterns of change affecting education agencies during the last fifteen years in Italy, paying particular attention to the new institutional and legislative framework which redefined the whole educational structure in this country and which had to be realigned to agreements between European countries such as the Bologna Process. The objective of this essay is to contribute in the development of a new vision of the education system, in line with the challenges posed by the global and complex society that emphasizes both the importance of evaluation of education agencies, in a logic of a more attentive Quality Assurance, and networking, an instrument which can cultivate the responsible  participation of the entire community in the education project.