Welfare and empowerment community


 the tumultuous digital technologies development, nowadays we live in a world without boundaries, characterized by liquid communities that meet and collide, sometimes denying mutual recognition. We move in a communicative bulimia where information runs like in a circus where the sense and the value of 'communicating' are often lost, fueling forms of misunderstanding, violence and exclusion that contribute to fuel discomfort and isolation. In the information and knowledge society, communication is increasingly discriminating for emancipation and empowerment for people, organizations, and communities. For this reason, in the essay, we intend to deepen both the evolution of the community's space through digital technologies and the value and role of the concept of empowerment applied to community development. The essence of the essay is to reflect on its social implications in terms of welfare communities and valorisation of the heritage of relational goods that are constitutive of every social and community space.


Stefania Capogna

  • Professore associato. Docente di Comunicazione pubblica e d'impresa del Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Tecnologie e Linguaggi della Comunicazione
  • Link Campus University di Roma

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