Educational poverty and digital divide: school-parents communication in disadvantages family contexts


In western society, especially in the last decade, there has been an significant increase in the number of children in educational poverty. This situation is the consequence of multiple social factors that amplify the weaker subjects’ deprivation about their opportunities of learning and becoming active protagonists of their own future. It is urgent to rethink the educational system which, accepting the challenge of contrasting poverty, involves the whole society, in particular strengthening a significant partnership between school and families in a cooperation perspective. This paper explores the topic of digital divide as form of educational poverty,  underlining how some methods of communication between school and parents can create or accentuate situations of digital divide. The contribution also reflects about which particular features should distinguish the school community as an environment  for building and promoting relationships of mutual recognition and inclusion.

Stefania Nirchi

  • Professore associato
  • Università degli Studi di Roma Tre

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