The school during COVID/19 emergency. First results of a survey on Online teachinng (DaD)


The paper presents the first results of a survey (still in progress) promoted by the QTimes - Journal of Education, Technology and Social Studies, in collaboration with the Roma TrE - Education Foundation (University of Roma Tre) and National IRASE (Academic, Social and Educational Research Institute) on Distance Teaching at the time of COVID/19. The study, which involved teachers, students (of the school and university) and parents, aims to detect opinions on how to carry out the online activities, considering the effects produced at the new organization of times and spaces, new ways of relating and what online teaching meant in terms of availability of the digital tools necessary for teaching. The results of the survey will help to clarify matters, criticality, but, also, the potential of online teaching, to verify their replicability even in normal conditions of carrying out educational activities. This paper describes the results of a first partial data-exstraction, dated July 7, 2020, which refers to a total of 4967 responses (with an online questionnaire) on the impact of online teaching on the education system. The paper’s focus will be the results emerged from school teachers’ responses. The data, presented only in general terms, will be analyzed through a more detailed statistical analysis and indicated in the final report. The research is configured as an exploratory pilot study and we hope that it will stimulate reflections on the online teaching and as a basis for further studies and researches.

Stefania Nirchi

  • Professore associato
  • Università degli Studi di Roma Tre

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