Forming occupational safety. Cinema fiction and documentary


The issue of safety is of crucial importance today because of the number of dead white. Occur annually in Italy over 1,000,000 work accidents, more than 1,200 deaths. The New Consolidated Safety at Work (Decree 81 of 2008) brings together in a single text much of the previous legislation on safety issued over the last sixty years. Of fundamental importance is to convey the importance of health and safety in the workplace through the acquisition by the employee of a "culture of safety". This can be achieved using effective communication that meets the growing needs of information workers who become, in this way, an active and involved in the prevention system. Acting on communication means creating a space of encounter between all the actors of prevention in order to encourage the strengthening of the value of security and above all encourage the adoption of safe behavior. If the purpose is to promote the abandonment or modification of attitudes and behaviors unhealthy and unsafe, social marketing is a technique that can help us achieve this goal. According to the US economist Philip Kotler "social marketing is the use of the principles and techniques of marketing to influence the decision of a target group to accept, reject, or modify, voluntarily abandon a behavior in order to obtain a benefit for individuals, groups or society as a whole ". The projection film definitely has a great communicative power, movies can be used as a means to communicate the issues of health and safety at the workplace leading to a cultural change and that also may involve the worker from the point of view of his personal interests.