Mobbing: psychological terrorism in the workplace


Mobbing concerns a work situation in which the worker is the victim of persecutory actions by one or more attackers who may find themselves in positions of superiority, inferiority or equality. The actions are very heterogeneous and range from simple marginalization to the assignment of disqualifying tasks up to aggressions and harassment. Little has been done to tackle mobbing as a phenomenon now rooted in the world of work, especially through the use of training systems capable of acting on the culture and perception of this phenomenon. To this end, it is essential to use tools that are capable of raising awareness within the organization. The film projection could certainly be an effective training medium, favoring the awareness in the worker, through the acquisition of new knowledge, of the existence and gravity of this phenomenon in the workplace. Obviously the use of filmography should not replace the traditional training methods which must be integrated to hope for that cultural change starting from the young. Unfortunately, until today the film production that has mobbing as its theme is still very thin.