Informing and training for workplace safety. The centuries-old Italian experience


The dramatic chain died at work inevitably leads to a deep reflection and attracts more and more to the inevitable acceptance of responsibility and the necessary commitment and constructive synergy between the various actors in the world to launch a widespread information activities, that combined with education and prevention will help to grow the culture of safety in the workplace. For almost a hundred years, from the 1898 Act to the legislation of the fifties, the attention to safety on the job is very poor. Increased attention and sensitivity is however in the years of reconstruction and economic miracle and even more in the season of the movements. In the last two decades the national legislation conforms with EU directives confronting solid experience in other countries, primarily Germany, of worker participation in the enterprise security management. Work accidents are a "social evil" should not be considered as events in their own right, but as a direct consequence of an ingrained habit is little compared to the Italian and circumvention of rules, is a major cultural delay in transposing training as an essential tool for the prevention of accidents. Businesses and workers need to be prepared and informed is not enough unfortunately, but fundamental, the promulgation of laws and regulations, as well as actions may not be sufficient control and supervision on safety in the workplace, to reduce the high number of accidents and "white deaths". With the new Safety Law (Legislative Decree 81 of 2008) completes the complex and difficult process that led to the reorganization and reform of legislation on protection of health and safety at work this was a piece of legislation called for by time, as it was definitely a necessary reorganization of the various rules relating to the protection of safety and health at the workplace. The purpose of the reform was to redesign the matter of health and safety at work in Italy framing the rules so far contained in multiple sources have occurred, seamlessly, over almost sixty years with a view to system, as well as update the same taking into account the experience acquired in their application of the most recent developments in work organization.