Inclusive assessment as an antidote to early school leaving: a comparative case study


Some research has shown that pedagogical postures and meaningful relationships between teachers and students oriented towards a highly inclusive evaluation process, because it is negotiated, participatory, and pedagogically based, can produce benefits in performance, in the involvement of the student with respect to educational actions and reduce the risk of early school leaving and early school leaving (Batini, Bartolucci, Bellucci, Toti, 2016). The contribution aims to illustrate in a comparative perspective, the attitude of the teachers of two classes of two schools in the city of Taranto, in response to a proposal to modify the styles of evaluation, revealed, until then and after a careful period of observation in the classroom, one of the most important causes of early school leaving in the two schools. We will analyse the effects of an inclusive assessment style adopted by the teachers of one of the two institutes and the differences that emerged compared to the group of teachers of the other institution who decided not to take advantage of pedagogically oriented training.

Giuseppe Liverano

  • Ricercatore
  • Università degli Studi di Bari

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