Promoting values and enhancing skills through digital learning spaces: analysis of best practices in pandemic time

The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the Italian school system have indirectly suggested the path that the Italian education system must be able to take in order to move toward a cutting-edge school model where the fluidity of communicative processes triggered by ICT must be able to integrate with physical environments capable of responding to changing educational contexts (Donato et. Al., 2017) and to explore the needs of individuals with different cultures. This school model requires the design of innovative educational activities that make the physical and digital dimensions coexist well and, therefore, foster the sustainability of learning spaces, so as to promote the quality of education, its accessibility, equity, and inclusion through flexible and creative solutions (Ibid.). The paper aims to explore educational experiences (e.g., relationship or codesign, etc.) in digital or hybrid learning environments carried out during the pandemic, to analyze their critical issues, learning benefits, and main characteristics.

Giuseppe Liverano

  • Ricercatore
  • Università degli Studi di Bari

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