Online narrative guidance at the time of Covid-19: analysis of best practices


Pedagogical research on guidance over the last twenty years has finally shown that, in most contexts, the use of training guidance models has supplanted informative and/or psycho-attitudinal models.  Among the formative models, the narrative orientation (Batini, Zaccaria, 2000) and, subsequently, the Life design (Savickas, 2010), seem to be instruments able to accommodate requests coming from several disciplinary fields of subjects from different cultures.  In contexts that are constantly changing the real educational challenge is to allow “safe navigation” in the changing ocean of complexity, safe because it is addressed with appropriate tools. (Batini, 2019). Contribution aims to analyse the proposals for online group training guidance (asynchronous and synchronous or blended) experienced during the time of the pandemic, to detect their effectiveness in terms of learning outcomes through the impact that the contents of the activities had on the students for whom different digital technologies were used, so as to be able to highlight criticisms and pedagogical perspectives that can present new research paths.


Giuseppe Liverano

  • Ricercatore
  • Università degli Studi di Bari

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