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  • Giftedness and digital revolution

    The relationship between giftedness and the digital revolution deserves particular attention as regards the emotional experience of gifted children and young people. They are dependent on the emotional context, they don’t know how to act without allowing themselves to be permeated by the affective…


    The disabling emotions and feelings of future special needs teachers: results of a survey on the emotional-relational factors involved in the perception of sensory disabilities

    In addition to recognizing qualities based on knowledge, skills, competences related to strictly professional aspects and personality characteristics, over the years, attention has been paid to the emotional dimension of the teacher, as competence in self-management and self-regulation of their…


    Pedagogical studies and emotional development

    Modern society, or as in J.-F. Lyotard’s (1979) words, postmodern society, is always more frequently identified as a vessel containing the conditions of human distress which derive from “destructive emotions”; these emotions change the surrounding environment such that they are eventually out…


    Quarantine emotions: investigation of the impact of Covid-19 in preschool children. Analysis for a psycho-pedagogical proposal

    This research investigates and analyses the emotional, social, and relational responses and attitudes put in place by children in order to react to the health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19. Moreover, this study aims to develop an educational intervention tool that can be available to…


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