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  • Analysis of assessment practices and implementation of evaluation reform in the primary school: an interplay between persons and contexts

    The article examines a project carried out in collaboration with U.S.R. Toscana in the 2020-21 school year. The researchers designed three actions - research, training, consultancy - and analyzed 15 assessment practices in the context of the primary evaluation reform decreed by the O.M. 172/2020. A…


    The effects of assessment as learning on the development of students’ evaluative judgement and self-efficacy: an experience in primary school

    The recognition of an active and co-responsible role of learners in assessment has grown in importance over time. In particular, the “assessment as learning” approach highlights how assessment processes contribute to the developing of learners’ competences and engagement. In recent years,…


    Innovative teaching and inclusive pedagogy. The experience of students in the School of Relations and Responsibility

    The paper presents the results of a first exploratory survey on an innovative teaching project, created on the initiative of some teachers interested in practicing formative and orienting assessment with strength and continuity, as well as inclusive pedagogical methodologies. The project – “The…


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