Educating to respect. From the recognition of oneself to that of others and the environment


This article discusses the enhancement of the environmental awareness, considered as an important step in the promotion of respect for human beings and for nature. Many aspects are important in this perspective: sensibility in comprehending problems, and caring thinking (Lipman) oriented towards cooperation, sharing, and solidarity. Those elements contribute in offering answers to the issues raised by the “intoxication of civilization” (Edgar Morin). In order to overcome an intoxication – in terms of global warming, pollution, loss of biodiversity - caused by a disproportionate use of environmental resources, it is very important to work for a better quality of life. The theoretical discourse about raising environmental awareness is mainly focused on the thought of Daniel Goleman. A direct link between information, knowledge, actions, and behaviors is required. According to Chomsky, concrete actions affect and influence humanity. This article highlights the role of an education devoted to the enhancement of an environmental awareness, and the need of a moral responsibility.

Agnese Rosati

  • Università degli Studi di Perugia

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