In the education net. Complex issues and variables in the educational process


The complexity of the educational process can be noticed in the facts and in the acts that make reality become plural and multiform and represents different contexts, experiences, stories, reflections, subjectivity and objectivity, universality and particularity. These aspects have to be understood as difficult and complex issues that characterize the present and that influence the education and the production of its models from the history of ideas, institutions and human needs. Because of this reason, the educational model derives from the way of thinking the education in time, with its characteristics and peculiarities. There is an absolute necessity of a global, holistic, ecological approach to the uniqueness of the person in order to value its complexity (Titone, 1981; Ortega, 1992; Bateson, 1977) that will also guide the curricolo.

Agnese Rosati

  • Università degli Studi di Perugia

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