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  • “Relativity culture” in crisis time

    Change and innovation have spread on as new landmarks in a networked society, where new cultural challenges are now shaping up: even more so in the present crisis time, stressed by persisting Sars Cov-2 pandemia, and they are now looking forward to getting proper responses and interventions that…


    Critical mind and creative intelligence

    Despite a long history of research and debate, currently there is still no universally accepted definition of “creative intelligence”. The word “intelligence” derives from the Latin noun intelligentĭa, which comes from the verb intelligĕre. According to some specialists, intelligĕre is a…


    The subjectivity and the shadow

    «Everyone – observes Herder – is a universe in which unknown inner strengths sleep in the shadow like kings never born». In our subjectivity there are great potentialities that we can not express during our life: these potentialities remains in the «dark side» of our shadow. According to…


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