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  • The interactive and digital box for study management: an innovative and inclusive teaching tool for students with Special Educational Needs

    Knowing how to manage one's own study and the ability to acquire an effective study method are the basis for achieving educational success for each student, in particular for students with Special Educational Needs. The role of the teacher becomes fundamental in developing methodologies and tools…


    University education between professional skills and the development of students' subjectivity: the case of two degree courses in communication sciences

    University education is conceived, on the one hand, as a contribution to the development of subjectivities (Biesta, 2017) and, on the other hand, as a response to the various demands of stakeholders, territories, work sectors and, in general, the market economy (De Feo & Pitzalis, 2017). This…


    Situated Learning and Serious Games

    The spread of technologies, of the growing human-machine interaction, of the culture of simulation and, in particular, of video games has led to the definition of a new anthropological model, the Homo Game, in which the playful dimension, increasingly linked to the technological one, has become…


    Enhancement of skills and prevention of early school leaving: the instrumental function of didactic action in the school of complexity

    The paper examines the main causes of educational poverty (economic crisis, inadequate redistribution of wealth, quality of education and training, personal choices); the social effects that can derive from the emulation of models in which the logic of “everything and now” prevails and the role…


    Certification of competences and authentic tasks

    After a quick analysis of the normative evolution of the skill's concept, the essay focuses on the introduction of compulsory certification of skills; then it analyses the development, first doctrinal and then legislative, of the authentic performance concept or real life tasks; furthermore, it…


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