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Understanding Web. School, Technology, Society

This paper introduces the complex relationship among technology-school-society as framework of the discourses, processes and policies of the daily practices of schooling. Nowadays, we live in an interconnected digital ecosystem that represents a powerful architecture for user participation, posing…


The transmedia perspective of Digital Education

Trans-media is the new configuration of behavioral and cultural dynamics to transmit knowledge, tell stories, share ideas and experiences, promote diverse kinds of entertainment through more digital platforms. Hence, it is going to become a new form of social and cultural capital. The implications…


Critical mind and creative intelligence

Despite a long history of research and debate, currently there is still no universally accepted definition of “creative intelligence”. The word “intelligence” derives from the Latin noun intelligentĭa, which comes from the verb intelligĕre. According to some specialists, intelligĕre is a…


Edusemiotics’ understanding of virtuality

At an educational level, technology and the digital gap are indeed a moving target. On the one hand, it is commonly regarded as vital to have access to and participate in information society. On the other hand, the mutable nature of the field and its derived problems prompt educational systems to…


E-learning in the information society

In today's technologically advanced scenarios the e-learning takes a strategic relevance due to expansion on networks. The present paper describes the evolution of e-learning in recent years thanks to the development of new media and describe the new version of the e-learning environments make…


School reform: effective school leadership

To ensure an equal and a quality education has become one of the key objectives of the European Commission’s strategic framework for cooperation in education and training (ET 2020). In this policy context, is important examines fundamental aspects of school and working conditions. Educators have…


The subjectivity and the shadow

«Everyone – observes Herder – is a universe in which unknown inner strengths sleep in the shadow like kings never born». In our subjectivity there are great potentialities that we can not express during our life: these potentialities remains in the «dark side» of our shadow. According to…


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