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Certification of competences and authentic tasks

After a quick analysis of the normative evolution of the skill's concept, the essay focuses on the introduction of compulsory certification of skills; then it analyses the development, first doctrinal and then legislative, of the authentic performance concept or real life tasks; furthermore, it…


Gender differences in educational processes

The Italian educational system since the seventies became a women's world, both for the massive presence of girls in all levels of schooling, both for a teaching staff composed mainly of women, so that in some scope men have become one real “rarity”. The feminine school and university education…


Quality Management in education system

In this paper we are trying to find an answer to the following questions: why the topic of quality was introduced with increasing force in the education system? Which are the reasons that allowed the transition of the quality concept from the economics and social organization language to pedagogic…


Understanding Web. School, Technology, Society

This paper introduces the complex relationship among technology-school-society as framework of the discourses, processes and policies of the daily practices of schooling. Nowadays, we live in an interconnected digital ecosystem that represents a powerful architecture for user participation, posing…


The transmedia perspective of Digital Education

Trans-media is the new configuration of behavioral and cultural dynamics to transmit knowledge, tell stories, share ideas and experiences, promote diverse kinds of entertainment through more digital platforms. Hence, it is going to become a new form of social and cultural capital. The implications…


Critical mind and creative intelligence

Despite a long history of research and debate, currently there is still no universally accepted definition of “creative intelligence”. The word “intelligence” derives from the Latin noun intelligentĭa, which comes from the verb intelligĕre. According to some specialists, intelligĕre is a…


Edusemiotics’ understanding of virtuality

At an educational level, technology and the digital gap are indeed a moving target. On the one hand, it is commonly regarded as vital to have access to and participate in information society. On the other hand, the mutable nature of the field and its derived problems prompt educational systems to…


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