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Distant: redesigning teaching to adapt it to ICT

Distance learning is a much-discussed topic; however, it has found more space in the debates than in the practical reality due to a mentality not inclined to change. Due to the crisis of the last few months, the topic has become decidedly more current since distance teaching has proved to be the…


The role of the teacher in distance learning, between covid-19 emergency, new learning environments and opportunities for educational innovation

The paper examines the impact of web-mediated communication on teaching, with particular reference to the dematerialization of the learning environment. The educational environment is analyzed from the psycho-pedagogical point of view in its meaning of “place of training”, part of the didactic…


Pedagogy for Distance Teaching (DaD)

This contribution aims to highlight what kind of pedagogy the DaD is capable of conveying. Drawing lessons from the moment of crisis that the country is going through, we will focus on the policies and educational actions to be organized along theoretical lines in an interdisciplinary…


Concept map: teaching/learning tools

Le mappe concettuali vengono impiegate in maniera sempre più stabile e sistematica in tutti i settori in cui è importante e necessario gestire e rappresentare la conoscenza, di conseguenza anche in ambito didattico-formativo. La conoscenza rappresentata con le/nelle mappe concettuali è…


Bioethics, Multiculturalism and olistic care

In the present article we outline the role played by cultural beliefs concerning healthcare in multicultural settings: in doing this, we stress the need of an "olistic care", namely the doctor has the duty to establish a dialogue with the patient, being able to understand his specific culturally…


The metaphor of mental illness

In the present article we consider illness as a metaphor: mental disorders, in particular are always polifaceted, when it comes to their origin. We need to understand all the key factors that are involved in the outcome of mental disorders. Each mental disorder is indeea a "simbol" of something, not…


Philosophical anthropology during the late-modernity

The initial definition of thruth (i.e.: the equivalence between being and soul, or thought) has been criticized during the philosophical late Modernity. Both “being” and “thought”, in fact, were considered inconsistent. The picture changed with the so called linguistic turn: in this…


Mobbing: psychological terrorism in the workplace

Mobbing concerns a work situation in which the worker is the victim of persecutory actions by one or more attackers who may find themselves in positions of superiority, inferiority or equality. The actions are very heterogeneous and range from simple marginalization to the assignment of…


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