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Small Schools and Educational Poverty Dimensions of analysis, interpretation of weaknesses, training interventions

Territorial inequality, and the consequent economic impoverishment, mean that instead of the urban dimension “typical” of the collective imagination a whole series of “minor” realities emerge, located in mountains, islands, internal and remote areas or in the suburbs of the country. In these…


Enhancement of skills and prevention of early school leaving: the instrumental function of didactic action in the school of complexity

The paper examines the main causes of educational poverty (economic crisis, inadequate redistribution of wealth, quality of education and training, personal choices); the social effects that can derive from the emulation of models in which the logic of “everything and now” prevails and the role…


Distance school: physical or social?

The paper intends to highlight the issues concerning educational poverty at the time of Covid-19 and how the inequalities that are encountered in the school environment in contexts of educational normality have become acute and / or have acquired new forms in the phases I and II. The changes in the…


Scholl Speadness in Sardinia and the bet of the project Tutti a Iscol@! taking place st the “Dante Alighieri” secondary school in Selargius

The scholastic spread and dispersion is a complex phenomenon that is extended to the entire education system. The international community has for a long time invested in addressing the human right that every child has at an education, which is, therefore, an inalienable right that is due to every…


The educational relationship in the era of the covid-19 emergency between the acquisition of competence, individual motivation and ability to resilience

The papers examines the elements of novelty that characterize current educational relationships, which in the era of the social emergency covid-19, become web-mediated. Teachers and students have been forced to radically change their way of communicating and interacting, without having, among other…


Distant: redesigning teaching to adapt it to ICT

Distance learning is a much-discussed topic; however, it has found more space in the debates than in the practical reality due to a mentality not inclined to change. Due to the crisis of the last few months, the topic has become decidedly more current since distance teaching has proved to be the…


The role of the teacher in distance learning, between covid-19 emergency, new learning environments and opportunities for educational innovation

The paper examines the impact of web-mediated communication on teaching, with particular reference to the dematerialization of the learning environment. The educational environment is analyzed from the psycho-pedagogical point of view in its meaning of “place of training”, part of the didactic…


Pedagogy for Distance Teaching (DaD)

This contribution aims to highlight what kind of pedagogy the DaD is capable of conveying. Drawing lessons from the moment of crisis that the country is going through, we will focus on the policies and educational actions to be organized along theoretical lines in an interdisciplinary…


Concept map: teaching/learning tools

Le mappe concettuali vengono impiegate in maniera sempre più stabile e sistematica in tutti i settori in cui è importante e necessario gestire e rappresentare la conoscenza, di conseguenza anche in ambito didattico-formativo. La conoscenza rappresentata con le/nelle mappe concettuali è…


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